Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett: More Than 30 Laws Were Broken in the Arizona 2020 Presidential Election… It’s Time to Decertify

Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett was one of the ones that was key in making the Arizona Audits come to fruition. While many conservatives have been losing faith that the 2020 Election will be rectified, Josh explained why we should be encouraged to keep pressing on and provided all of the documented crimes that were committed in the fraudulent election that cost Trump the White House.

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Josh Barnett is a man on a mission. Sure, he’s running for Congress (and would make a great Representative, at that!). Sure, he’s one of the key figures that made the Arizona Audit happen. But he’s got a larger mission. It’s to teach people how to take their country back. Hint: It’s not by sitting back and waiting for your favorite conservative celebrity to do something.

They key comes down to knowing your Constitutional rights. Far too many people have given up too much ground based on what they are told by government officials, the mainstream media and their favorite pundits. Instead of just going along with what we are told, it’s important that we understand what our rights are and how to push back.
We’ll get to how this plays out in the stolen election of 2020 in a minute, but first wanted to deal with the Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny we are facing as a nation.

Many Americans have been feeling deflated when it comes to the constant pressure to get vaccinated. They feel like if they just give in, they can go back to regular life. Unfortunately for them, that’s simply not the case. You’ll only be fully vaccinated for a period of several months, at best. Then come to booster shots. And needing to test for COVID-19. And social distancing. And mask wearing. It’s never going to end.

So what can you do about it if you do not want to comply with any vaccine mandates?

Josh explains that the key can be particular strategies to set the proper constitutional boundaries. The first thing to understand is that government enforced vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, since they put a condition upon your right to peaceably assemble. That alone should put an end to all this vaccine mandate nonsense.

For business owners, they can also strategically fight back. Josh explained that one strategy that he employed with his gym and hundreds others that he’s helped is to take their company from a public company to a private membership association. This has been proven in court over the last several decades to be able to avoid the government mandates that public businesses submit themselves to.

When it comes to your constitutional rights as a citizen, voting is right up there at the top. Voting is your voice where you elect the officials to make decisions on your behalf. If someone cheats in an election, that means that your Constitutional voice in the governmental system is stripped away from you by corrupt individuals that should be prosecuted. This is why it’s so important to correct the stolen election of 2020.

Immediately after Election Night on November 3rd, 2020, Josh Barnett and a few other Arizonans brought together a crowd of protestors to make their voices heard, demanding that the results of the election be transparent and honest. As we all saw play out, the aftermath of that election in Maricopa County was anything but.

While many around the country sat back to see how things would play out, Josh and hundreds, if not thousands, of Arizonans showed up for three months straight outside of where they were counting the ballots. Then they continued to demand a forensic audit, putting pressure on their elected officials until it happened. 

Josh led the charge in getting hundreds of affidavits submitted to the proper officials. They made calls. They were strategic. They did everything the right way until the Arizona Senate called on what we now know as the Arizona Audits. This never would have happened had Josh and a handful of Conservative Arizonans not showed up to make their voices heard.

Now that the audits are complete (minus the information and evidence that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are still withholding), more than thirty crimes have been submitted to Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Let me repeat that… THIRTY crimes were committed and submitted to the Attorney General to be prosecuted. It’s in his hands now to get to the bottom of that and prosecute these crimes.

During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Josh itemizes many of these illegal activities that they exposed. Simply the fact that the voting machines were connected to the internet illegally should be enough to decertify the election. So many protocols were not followed and many crimes committed. We cannot let up until this is made right.

This is much more serious than just who is in the White House. This comes down to whether your vote matter. If the Deep State was, in fact, able to steal the 2020 Election as it appears they did, we no longer have a Constitutional Republic. Instead, we’ve transitioned almost overnight into an authoritarian tyrannical dictatorship where we literally have no say in the direction our nation is heading. This is why it’s so important that we get the 2020 Election corrected.

Yes, we must turn out and vote at every opportunity. Whether we’ve resolved the election fraud from this past vote or not, we MUST show up and vote in overwhelming numbers, forcing the Left to cheat to win any and every election. That simply give us one more opportunity to expose the fraud. 

At the same time, we cannot give up the fight to expose the fraudulent election. We cannot move forward until we do. 

I strongly encourage you to consider supporting Josh Barnett in his congressional campaign. I 100% endorse his campaign and pray that he’ll end up in the House of Representatives to bring some Constitutional sanity back to DC. We need someone who understands your Constitutional Rights and will do whatever he can to protect them. That’s exactly what we’d get with Josh in DC.


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