Congress Doubtful They Will Agree on a New Relief Bill Before July Ends..

There have been no negotiations between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-KY) and it appears they remain a long way apart on and agreement of what should be in another relief bill.

Pelosi, last week was pushing for the $3 trillion HEROES Act the House passed more than two months ago.  But that bill, which was approved mostly along Democrat lines, was ignored by McConnell, and also met with a veto threat by Trump.

McConnell insists he’s written the next bill on his own and has indicated he’s looking at something significantly smaller, around $1 trillion.  Senate Democrats say they haven’t heard any details and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, (D-NY), said he would converse only if House Democrats were included.

McConnell is expected to unveil his proposal early this week, according to an aide familiar with the leader’s plans.  After planned discussions with Senate Republicans tomorrow (Tuesday), the bill could be rolled out if the GOP conference backs the blueprint.

McConnell, as he has repeatedly said, should pass a bill without liability protection related to everyone from health care workers to businesses to schools.

President Trump agrees there needs to be more aid and has repeatedly insisted that schools need to be back in person in the fall. But last week Trump said that he is still pushing for a payroll tax cut.

Leaders from both parties still maintain that they want a deal approved and sent to the president to sign before they head out for an August recess.  This will mark the final campaign push before the November elections.  Pelosi has said she will “absolutely” delay the start of recess to get something in place.  

The majority of our lawmakers, in my opinion, are acting like kids at school.  They just can’t miss their recess time, instead of doing what is right for around 350 million Americans.  It is too bad that we have 500 some-odd people negotiating all our futures, that are more interested in recess than success.  I am not sure, but if we were all allowed to vote on this, if another stimulus is necessary.  

For additional information visit our friends at NPR.

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