Covid Vaccine Manufacturer Same Company Responsible for Injuring Gulf War Vets with Failed Anthrax Vaccine

Did you know that the same exact people and company manufacturing and pushing untested, experimental covid vaccines…have all mass-injured and killed Americans before with one? Did you know that 20 years ago an army of Big Pharma lobbyists donated to (bribed) congressmen and government officials to push something unsafe though on the American people, just so they can make a profit off it? Two decades ago, our government forced-vaccinated our military by mandating an experimental vaccine for Anthrax that ended up negatively effected roughly a third of veterans that served at that time.

Of you’re not familiar with Gulf War Syndrome, ask a veteran that’s been in long enough and they’ll have a trove of horror stories about how the vaccine wrecked them or other veterans at the time. Turns out Emergent Biosolutions, the current company in charge of solely producing AstraZeneca and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines in the states, only ever produced one other financially viable product…..BioThrax, the failed Anthrax vaccine. If you’re not familiar with Anthrax, it’s a naturally occurring bacteria found in the soil, and despite all the fear mongering in the late 90’s/early 00’s it’s simply just not an effective or efficient bioweapon to worry about. First, you would need to find a way to manufacture a concentrated, military-grade version of it without killing yourself just from handling it, then you’d have to find a way to get someone to directly inhale it the particles in a powder format. Even if someone did come into direct contact with Anthrax, simple antibiotics can cure 80% of cases, and it could be taken prophylactically to protect someone as well. Ultimately BioThrax ended up negatively effecting 20-35% of our troops, so why push a vaccine that causes more damage than good over a biological threat that isn’t a feasible threat? Roll out the media fear mongering…..

Some of you might remember, that immediately after 9/11 came the “anthrax mail scare.” Postal services were shut down across the country, as letters laced with military grade anthrax were sent out to government officials and the media, injuring 17 and killing 5. Almost immediately it had the government buying Emergent Biosolution’s (who was operating as BioPort at that time) failed anthrax vaccine and ordering millions more for a stockpile. Problem is, it was Emergent’s own Director and major stock holder Jerome Hauer that was a main suspect behind not only the Anthrax mail scare, but 9/11 itself. Turns out there’s a really short list of people who could even get their hands on military grade Anthrax…and even fewer that would financially benefit from killing Americans with it. You see, Jerome Hauer had an office in building 7 of the World Trade Center…you know, the building full of important paperwork for things like the $2.3 trillion dollars Donald Rumsfeld announced the government “lost” the day before 9/11 that collapsed in on itself during the attack…despite not having been hit by a plane or debris, and for which architectural experts from across the world said shouldn’t have fallen at all.

Don’t worry about Jerome Hauer though, he decided not to go to work that morning…although he did manage to make it on TV later that day with Dan Rather to declare this was the work of Osama Bin Laden…before anyone in the government had even said anything about it. The same cannot be said of Bin Laden terrorist expert John O’Neill who was hired by Hauer the day before, and was killed helping people that were trapped on his very first day of work. Weird how the only guy that would know if Bin Laden really did this, died on his first day of work on 9/11 *and* was hired by the guy trying to now blame Bin Laden for it. Jerome Hauer was also the head of security for the entire World Trade Center complex, and that if anyone had access to send in teams to demo the buildings to guarantee them to fall, it would be him. He was also obsessed with collapsed buildings and had pictures of them all over his office, because that’s normal. Hauer also warned his friends in the government like Dick Cheney to preemptively take Cipro in case there was an “Anthrax scare” ….a week before the letters went out. Ultimately 9/11 pulled the country back into war and the military industrial complex began booming again at the cost of American tax payer’s money and lives. If the idea of our government faking an incident to drag the country into war for money seems like “too unbelievable” let me remind you that President Johnson did that exact same very thing (we know now from declassified documents) when he pulled the United States into the Vietnam War by using the nonexistent Gulf of Tonkin incident to get war powers granted to him by Congress.

FBI eventually rested blame on microbiologist Bruce Ivins, a biodefense researcher for the US Army’s infectious disease lab for 18 years. The FBI had no proof Ivins ever did anything other than work at the lab. Unfortunately Ivins died of “suicide” before he could make it to trial (and likely clear his name) and the FBI simply “rested” their case. Ivins didn’t have a motive to mail out Anthrax….but you know who did? The guy who’s company was going under until an Anthrax scare had the government buying his whole stockpile of his failing BioThrax. Newspapers at the time (journalism wasn’t always dead) were in an uproar on how flimsy the FBI’s case was and demanded an independent investigation into it. Here’s just one publication and its theory all about the Anthrax mailings…read it and tell me if anything sounds eerily familiar?

Hmmm….a fear mongering media scare campaign to boost pharmaceutical sales, push untested products on the populous, push a preference for more expensive drugs over cheaper ones and price gouge the hell out of them, and actively suppressing all the possible side effects and deaths from a less than functioning vaccine using the media. Sound familiar yet? Check out the side effects of Anthrax as well:

That’s right, the same side effects they had for the Anthrax vaccine, are almost the same side effects they’re having now for all these covid vaccines. Keep in mind, these are just the “short term” effects. Not mentioned are strange high rate of fertility issues that effected our veterans upon return from the Gulf War. 15.8% of women and 13.8% of men reported that they had experienced infertility issues after serving in the Middle East. Sadly it’s been a fight with most VA’s to do anything about Gulf War Syndrome issues, so there are fewer studies than there should be on it.

Also worth mentioning is the fact no long term or generational side effect testing were ever done with the covid vaccine, yet the media has declared it “safe” to inject children with it despite it being humanly impossible know at this point:

So you know, it was Fauci who downplayed the dangers of the Anthrax vaccine side effects, and who suggested that Cipro (who started charging $1000 a dose) should be used over cheaper and safer drugs. As Senator Rand Paul pointed out last month, Fauci is a shameless liar. His newly released emails prove he knew masks and lockdowns didn’t work put pushed them and destroyed the economy anyway. He’s also the one that funded the creation of covid, working with a foreign enemy like China because the “gain of function” work was both immoral and illegal to do in the states. Between his Anthrax fail, his AIDS fiasco, and him profiting off a disease he helped create…there isn’t a universe anyone should be listening to this man. But higher powers are profiting off all this, and they control the media….so here we are.

If you’re wondering why a company who’s only claim to fame is a failed vaccine is now producing two of them…you’d have to ask our corrupt government. Without a bidding war or even shopping around, the perpetually-failing and always needing government bails outs to stay afloat, Emergent Biosolutions was magically bestowed by the lucrative contract to be the sole producer of both company’s vaccines. You can read all about how the company ripped off tax payers through the years and price gouged their original anthrax vaccine at 300% markup “here.” Even though there was no competitive bidding…they must at least be doing a better job this time, right?

Nope. They paid themselves huge bonuses while their factories were so disgusting and contaminated that the FDA forced them to throw out 100 million doses of AstraZeneca and 60 million doses of Johnson & Johnson.

OK, so the makers of the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine absolutely can’t be trusted….what about the rest? Well, you’ve got 3 German billionaires who just made even more billions producing the Pfizer vaccine for BioNTech, and you’ve got Sanofi which produces the vaccine for Moderna. Problem is that all these companies share the same asset manager and stock holders….Black Rock/Vanguard, you know, the company currently buying up all the land and houses to artificially drive up prices and force home owners to become renters to them. They also control the mainstream media, as they own all the major companies stocks…including FOX, which should explain all the current shilling they’re doing for the vaccine. There is no real competition in this, it’s all an optional illusion this is all being pushed forth by the largest, richest company in the world to get richer. You can read the longer, more in depth article I did about Black Rock “here.”

I believe people have the personal freedom to do whatever they want with their own personal lives…I just don’t believe corporations, government officials, and the media should be allowed to lie to them to get them to do it. The fact social media has gone out of it’s way to hide side effects, deaths, and group pages of people talking about their issues with the vaccine is as suspect as it is immoral. Zuckerberg literally uses and funds his own supposedly independent 3rd party “fact checking” to push the vaccine, “fact checkers” that have also been tied to funding from the Chinese Communist Party that created this virus with Fauci’s funding. The undeniable fact that these covid vaccines have harmed more people than all the other vaccines combined the last two decades (according to their own numbers they refuse to acknowledge) is what everyone should find the most concerning.

So what do we do? Two decades ago service members took a stand and left in droves to avoid taking the Anthrax vaccine.

And while the current administration would like nothing more than to rid the armed services of free thinking Patriots these days, it was the threats from highly trained, sought after pilots that finally got the military to back off on its mandatory anthrax vaccine. Pilots are extremely expensive to train, so of course as always it came down to money. Americans need to stand up, stop complying, and demanding the truth from our government officials and the media. Lobbyists have owned congress for too long, if this isn’t proof that major campaign finance reform needs to happen with corporations owning politicians and that Black Rock as a global monopoly needs to be broken down…then I don’t know what is.

Side note: These companies are also making billions selling you the cure for the side effects their own vaccines are causing. More to come….

Since I’m kicked off Twitter and censored on Facebook for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me either through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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