Common Ground, Aided by WOKE Corporations, Recruited Candidates to Run as Republicans in Arkansas

You may have heard the radio ads, and the TV spots of a group calling themselves “Common Ground,” but make no mistake about it, they aren’t conservatives, not even close.

They are liberals running as conservatives in GOP primaries, and they’re targeting the state of Arkansas heavily.

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Be aware the left-wing group Common Ground, aided by WOKE corporations (along with the State Chamber of Commerce which has also gone WOKE), recruited candidates to run as Republicans. Common Ground candidates also use the buzzwords people like to hear but they don’t want to be tied to the ideas of the Republican platform.

Common Ground is encouraging Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. They know Democrat votes in the Republican primary could swing the race to their progressive big government candidates.

When one or more candidates have a strong record consistent with the Republican platform and are being challenged by someone with a no record, be cautious. Why are they challenging candidates with strong conservative records? Are they just hiding behind the buzzwords to cover for being progressive or pro big government?

Joshua Bryant, a former Justice of the Peace, and current State Representative is running for D-32 in Arkansas, his opponent is one of those “Common Grounds” candidates. To counter it, the website RINOTULL.COM was created to show the true colors of the Common Ground group.

That’s right, Jim Tull isn’t even a conservative, but if you aren’t paying attention to the details, you might thing he was. He voted in the Democrat primary in 2020, he’s even got a picture supporting Black Lives Matter like this one below.

Hell, Tull was even for masking and mandates, yet he claims to be conservative.

If that wasn’t enough, Tull is bragging on his Facebook page about having the highest rating for a non incumbent the NRA offers, which just isn’t true. But what is true, Tull won’t even allow guns on his own companies property. That’s right, he’s not a conservative, not even close.

This is a nice way of saying, pay attention, do your research, and make sure you know who you’re voting for. Don’t be fooled by everyone trying to claim they want to “unite” you. There’s nothing unifying about Black Lives Matter, Anti-Guns, or mandatory masking. This is how tyrants speak.

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