College Student Evicted from Campus Housing Over Posting About Religious Exemptions for Covid Vaccine

A Michigan university is in hot water after accusing one of its students of breaking the school’s code of conduct because she talked about receiving a religions exemption for the Covid-19 vaccine requirement on her Facebook.

According to lawyers with First Liberty Institute, Inara Ramazanova was evicted from Campus housing and a disciplinary record was place in her student file at Oakland University (OU).

First Liberty sent a letter to Oakland University on Thursday, demanding that it remove the disciplinary mark from Ramazanova’s student file and issue her a written apology.

“Punishing a student for exercising their free speech is not only illegal, it’s outrageous.  Kicking them out of their housing and damaging their future pursuits is punitive and vindictive,” said Justin Butterfield, Deputy General Counsel at First Liberty Institute. “The university violated Inara’s Constitutional rights and the Fair Housing Act. They owe her an apology and a clean academic record.”

The Letter to OU reveals that Ramazanova’s parents denied vaccines for their daughter in 2021 based on their religious beliefs. The family immigrated to the United States from Russia 13 years ago, the letter says.

The family had never been required to explain their religious objections to the vaccinations in writing before. Yet, it was requiring Ramazanova after she requested an exemption from the university.

The university granted her request and that allowed her to secure her spot on campus for housing for the upcoming semester.

She shared her request with the Facebook group, thinking that she could help others going through a situation like hers, and that’s when the university started their attack on her.

After the university found out what Ramazanova had done, she was told to either confess to “collusion or conspiracy” or attend a hearing before the University Conduct Committee, according to First Liberty.

Attorneys said the committee’s decision to charge Ramazanova with violating school conduct policies prevented her from using a housing scholarship. That resulted in Ramazanova having to return home and become a full-time online student.

Even though Ramazanova graduated five months early in December, the disciplinary record will stay in her file until 2028.

“OU’s disciplining and evicting Ms. Ramazanova because she shared about her religious convictions regarding vaccination and about how she sought and received a religious accommodation from OU – all in an effort to more effectively exercise her civil rights and aid others in doing the same – violated Mr. Ramazanova’s rights under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” First Liberty wrote in the letter.

These liberal universities that do this to conservative and Christian students need to have their funding cut when the GOP takes the Congress and Senate back in the fall.

Thanks to our friends at CBN for contributing to this article.

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