CNN’s Oliver Darcy Says Fox News Sara Carter Isn’t an ‘Investigative Reporter’

This is rich coming from the king of Fake News, CNN.

CNN’s Senior Media Reporter Oliver Darcy has wrote hit pieces filled with falsehoods about myself and countless other conservative influencers and journalists.

Friday night was no different as he claims Fox News reporter Sara Carter isn’t an Investigative journalist.

This is real rich coming from Darcy, one of the leaders in “fake news.”

Sara Carter, who normally only appears on Fox opinion shows, is a guest on @marthamaccallum’s ~straight news~ program tonight talking about ex-Overstock CEO’s claims. MacCallum characterized Carter as an “investigative reporter.”

This coming from the same news outlet that pushed a fake Russian hoax for over two years with zero evidence. Not one single shred of evidence has been shown to the American people proving Russia had anything to do with the DNC leaks.

Conservative Katie Pavlich fired shots back at Darcy.

. @SaraCarterDC has repeatedly reported from dangerous war zones in the Middle East. She’s reported from El Salvador on current immigration crisis. She’s reported on cartels from Mexico (most dangerous country in the world for reporters). Pretty “real reporter” like and newsie.

What do you think America? Sara Carter or CNN?

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