CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Trump Supporters are ‘Trolls’

Jake Tapper isn’t a fan of President Trump. Now he’s made the allegations that all Trump supporters are trolls.

I really envy the Democrats. GOP supporters have day jobs that preclude them from spending much time in online forums like these. Whereas Democrats have 90% of the journalistic corps in their camp, whose day jobs enable them to disseminate pro-Democratic lies and propaganda throughout the workday while drawing paychecks. That’s a huge funding advantage. And through outlets like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, MSN, CNN and so on, they literally own the megaphone.

CNN’s Jake Tapper has some nerve to go after Trump supporters probably thinking that he is insulated over there at the network studios. He can continue to disparage Americans but those same individuals will hit back hard and put this man in his place, soon.

Tapper: “It’s been pointed out that Nixon had a better legal apparatus to defend him and Bill Clinton as well during their impeachments than President Trump has.”

“But President Trump has something that Nixon didn’t not have. He has Fox News. He has an army of trolls. He has sites, websites that will defend anything he says or does, and that could very well come into play. They are already coming to his defense.”

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2 years ago

Gee, I’m not sure when truth-exposing patriots, became known as “trolls”?. Perhaps it was when Lefty fake news deliverer, Jake Tapper, began to realize the crimes from the last admin, the FBI and the Democrats, were getting ready to be exposed- Too late Jake- Time is up- TickTock