CNN’s Brian Stelter Gets HAMMERED by Teenage Journalist About CNN’s Biased News Anchors

This is one of those stories that it’s just too good to not report on. We have to. Brian Stelter of the CNN getting obliterated by a teenage journalist in an interview.

The following is from our friends at Fox News:

On Sunday, NewsBusters spotted the interview Stelter had done in late July with “Raving Ryan” host Ryan Anastasio, a Connecticut-based high-schooler who asserted during their lengthy discussion that people can “probably learn more” about current events from newspapers or watching news programs on the broadcast networks than watching cable news.

Stelter responded by saying “it depends,” suggesting Anastasio’s claim about cable news is “too broad of a brush” and acknowledged there are shows “that are almost purely entertainment” that “only bring on one side.”

“Do you think CNN does that too?” Anastasio interrupted.

“Uhhh… well, what shows are you talking about?” a puzzled Stelter asked.

“I think at times, you do have some very opinion-based shows at night time like you do on Fox,” Anastasio explained.

“So, which ones?” Stelter responded.

“I’d argue probably “Cuomo Prime Time,” “Don Lemon,” the 17-year-old reporter answered. “I wouldn’t say those are more news;  I’d say a lot of them are more opinion-based shows, wouldn’t you agree?”

The “Reliable Sources” host said Cuomo and Lemon’s shows are “newscasts that have opinionated voices on them” but argued that terms like “newscast” and “opinion show” are outdated to describe CNN’s programming.

“I think that, you know, there are a bunch of cable newscasts, news programs, that are just newscasts. But then most of them are more in between, right?” Stelter explained. “A typical hour during the day will have correspondents, but also analysts, which is more of a news analyst assessing what’s going on. And then commentators, which is getting much more towards opinion. And then probably a politician or two, which clearly you’re getting a partisan opinion from a politician. And then maybe an advocacy group CEO or something, clearly an opinion position arguing for a point of view. And I think a typical hour has all of that or many of those aspects. So then what do you call that show?”

Stelter went on to call the typical cable news program a “rolling talk show about the news.”

You can read more from our friends at Fox News.

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1 year ago

Big fan but stop with the glitzy headlines. There’s no “hammering” here.

Ihor Bohdan Procyk
Ihor Bohdan Procyk
1 year ago

Seventeen year old(!!!!!) Schools this “media perfessional.” Purposely misspelled to amplify what a yutz Brian Stelter(B.S.!) Is. Lolololol