CNN’s Acosta Wins ‘Truth to Power’ Award

Apparently integrity in journalism means nothing to the media anymore. That’s why we continue to tell you to support Independent Media like The DC Patriot.

Press credibility just took another major hit when CNN’s mouthy and interrupting nuisance Jim Acosta scored the coveted 2019 “Truth To Power” award in a display of how low that the media has sunk in this sad era of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The trophy will be presented to the clownish “reporter” at the upcoming New York Press Club Journalism Awards soiree in another one of those self-serving ceremonies similar to those that are conducted by the entitled narcissists in the entertainment industry.

Acosta has become a hero of the so-called Resistance for his childish shtick that includes the constant rude badgering of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and shouting at President Trump – most infamously during the historic peace talks between the Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last year.

From our friends over at The Wrap;

CNN’s Jim Acosta will be honored with the New York Press Club’s “Truth to Power” award, the organization said in a press release Friday. The award honors “an individual whose body of work challenges the power establishment and/or defends journalists.”

“We are proud to honor a man such as Jim Acosta, who has proven himself throughout his storied, decades-long career to be a journalist of the utmost integrity, ” Jane Tillman Irving, president of the Press Club, said in the release. “For his unwavering commitment to fact and journalism, we are pleased to add to Jim’s many accolades with the Gabe Pressman ‘Truth to Power’ award.”

Acosta, the channel’s chief White House correspondent, spent years in relative obscurity on CNN until Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election. Trump has made CNN the primary target of his attacks on the media and has disparaged the network as “fake news.”

In his role as White House correspondent, Acosta has often butted heads with Trump and his top surrogates from the White House briefing room and elsewhere. Things came to a head last November after Trump moved to revoke Acosta’s White House press credentials.

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