CNN President Calls Fox News ‘State Run TV’

Just when you wondered who was running the crazy train over at fake news CNN, enter the fray one Jeff Zucker.

Zucker, the President of CNN sat down for an interview Saturday afternoon and went to a whole new level of crazy about his competitor Fox News. (Note, Fox crushes CNN in ratings in the United States, so it’s not really a competitor)

“I think the consternation about this is a little misplaced,” he said. “They don’t have to give one to CNN, they don’t have to give one to NBC. They have no obligation to give one to Fox,” he said at the South by Southwest Festival, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“I think the question should be, is Fox state-run TV or is the White House state-run government by Fox TV?” 

Wait a minute? You mean the one station that doesn’t just spit, spew, and regurgitate what the Democrats say is somehow “State Ran TV?”

The Democratic National Committee made the decision this week to not allow Fox News to host a presidential debate. Now just think of the RNC or President Trump said they weren’t going to allow CNN to host a debate? Can you imagine the lawsuits and outrage that would be filed by the crybabies on the left? It would be hysterical and a massive cluster **** of epic proportions.

“Recent reporting in The New Yorker on the inappropriate relationship between President Trump, his administration and FOX News has led me to conclude that the network is not in a position to host a fair and neutral debate for our candidates. Therefore, FOX News will not serve as a media partner for the 2020 Democratic primary debates,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said in the statement. 

Yeah, I’m sure when the Trump Administration announces they have no plans to do a presidential debate on fake news CNN, the outrage is going to be deafening. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

“They chose to work at Fox and they don’t get to hide behind the fact that they’re excellent journalists or anchors. The fact is they work at a place that has done tremendous damage to this country,” Zucker responded.

If you think Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Martha MacCallum, Shepard Smith, Neil Cavuto, among others are conservatives, you’d be dead wrong Mr. Zucker.

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