CNN Host ‘It Pains Me to Say This, But Trump is Right’ (About Asylum Claim Abuses) (VIDEO)

This isn’t a typo, a CNN Host is admitting that President Trump is right about the border situation.

CNN Host Fareed Zakaria says “It pains me to say this, but Trump is right (about asylum claim abuses)”

You don’t say Fareed?

Isn’t it amazing how there was no crisis at the border, and now the Democrats are literally trying to campaign on the mistreatment of NON U.S> Citizens?

Watch the video below, its’ comical to say the least.

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Delores Vance
Delores Vance
3 years ago

Because the freaking Democraps haven’t done their job all year since they’ve been in office all they’ve done is gone after Trump they’re trying to blame somebody now for the Border!its go time and they need to blame someone and create a diversion for their incompetent work !! they say they love these people sooo much, yet have DONE ZIPPO the whole time to further the border protection. LOOK IN THE MIRROR DEMOCRAPS, ITS UR FAULTS!!