CNN Cuts Feed at Trump Rally After ‘CNN Sucks’ Chants Start

In one of the funniest stories that you’ll here on Tuesday night, CNN was literally triggered.

As the President took to the podium, he didn’t take long to take some shots at the Fake News media.

The capacity crowd over over 25,000 inside and tens of thousands outside started chanting “CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks.”

As soon as the chants started CNN producers immediately cut the feed and went back to the studio, and started bashing the President.

It’s safe to say that the President triggered more than just CNN tonight.

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3 years ago

Hilarious 😊😄😂🤣

Dean Lyall @tvSquareEyes
Dean Lyall @tvSquareEyes
3 years ago

Haaaaalarious NZL luvs President Trump.