CNN Attacks Tucker Carlson’s Sponsors

So much for supporting free speech and the 1st Amendment, right CNN?

CNN may very well have Tucker Carlson envy, but the network is now attacking his sponsorship’s on social media. Tucker Carlson beat CNN’s entire prime time lineup and almost doubled it in fact. We’ll get into the numbers in just a moment.

As many of you know after audio of Carlson from over a decade ago appeared, liberal smear groups like Media Matters and Share Blue couldn’t wait to attack the Fox News Prime Time host.

They literally went after his sponsors with a vengeance. Media Matters is so sad, they even have people that literally sit around going through old audio in hopes of catching you in something. How pathetic is that? How pathetic is the left? Extremely pathetic. I’m not one for answering my own questions, but I couldn’t help myself here.

Let’s look at the viewership numbers, Tucker is crushing CNN’s entire network.

Tucker in one day had almost 3.5 million total viewers. CNN’s entire prime time lineup of Cooper, Cuomo, and Lemon had 2.5 million. It’s not even a comparison, Tucker is crushing them.

Tucker Carlson is a threat to the Democratic media and the establishment Democrats. He can’t be bought, he also founded and runs The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Tucker is the #1 target of Media Matters and other liberal groups that spend their entire waking moments trying to bring down conservative influencers.

I’ll close on this note, when are we going to see conservative groups that back influencers like yours truly, Laura Loomer, Educating Liberals, among countless others who fight with a fury? It’s time to fight back against the liberal machine, it’s time to win!

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