CNN Article Claims Americans Care More About Cost of French Fries Than Jan 6 Panel’s ‘Compelling Evidence’

In one of the funniest headlines we’ve seen in quite sometime, yet surprisingly accurate coming from CNN, this is a home run for the struggling network.

A New CNN analysis says that they are worried that American voters care more about the cost of French fries than they do the Jan 6 hearings. Someone get my big ass a fact checker, because that is 100% true!

Nothing last weeks Consumer Price Index data that shows inflation reaching 8.2% in the month of September, as well as the cost of living being its highest level since 1982, by George I think they’ve figured it out!

CNN’s Stephen Collinson noted that polling has repeatedly reinforced that the economy is the number one concern among voters heading into the midterm elections.

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The data also included information about frozen potato products, as well as pork products, which have somehow increased 10% and 5.5% respectively, despite the fact there isn’t a shortage.

“While it would be too simplistic to say voters are more preoccupied with the cost of French fries than the price of democratic freedoms, it wouldn’t be far from the mark,” Collinson wrote. 

A new CNN/SSRS Poll from Thursday also showed that 59% of registered voters say the economy is an “extremely important” factor in their vote, rising to 67% in competitive congressional districts. The poll also shows that only 32% of respondents approve of the White House’s handling of inflation. On the economy as a whole, somehow 36% of those approved of Biden’s performance, proving that a large portion of America is cheering for nuclear war in this woke world of gender identity stupidity.

Collinson also acknowledged there’s little evidence to suggest that the “compelling” evidence from the Jan 6 committee has dominated conversations outside of Washington, D.C. We want to clarify something. The word “compelling” is his word, not ours. We think its’ an absolute partisan sham of stupidity here at The DC Patriot where we report facts, and don’t give a damn about your feelings.

“But the difficulty that democracy proponents have had in turning their fight into a defining political issue – at least in these midterm elections – underscores the findings of experts who have studied the rise of authoritarian societies abroad. Often, voters only realize that their democracy is dying is when it’s too late,” Collinson added. 

On Friday the Jan 6 Select Committee formally subpoenaed President Trump on the happenings of that day.

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