CLOWN SHOW: Biden Administration Asks Japan, China, Others to Consider Tapping Oil Reserves

You can’t make up the level of stupid that is the Biden Administration. They’re now asking China, Japan, and other nations to tap into their oil reserves to help the global economic recovery and to lower prices around the world. Failing to realize they cause this by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline and America’s Energy Independence the Trump administration put into play.

Biden and top aides have apparently spoken to Japan, South Korea, and India, as well as with China the sources said.

Several people familiar with the matter cautioned that such negotiations have not been finalized nor has any final decision been made about whether to pursue this or any other course of action on oil prices.

The White House of course declined to comment on the detailed content of any specific conversations with any other countries, meanwhile radical Democrats demanded those conversations from President Trump.

“No decisions have been made,” said a spokesperson for the White House’s National Security Council.

The spokesman also added that the White House has said for weeks that it is “talking with other energy consumers to ensure global energy supply and prices do not imperil the global economic recovery. There is nothing to report beyond ongoing conversations and we consider a range of tools for if and when action is needed.”

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