CloutHub Strikes First: Platform is Now Free From Big Tech Overlords With Addition of It’s Own Servers

CloutHub Founder and CEO Jeff Brain announced in a recent press release that his alternative social media platform will now be free from Big Tech’s web hosting services.

CloutHub founder: “The American people have lost all faith in mainstream social media, and for good reason.”

CloutHub, a leading alternative social media platform that champions free speech and civic engagement, announced today that it has established autonomy from web hosting services in response to a growing demand for secure alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

The announcement coincides with the launch of a major platform update that includes several next-generation features and digital security enhancements, and opens the social media network to international markets for the first time. 

“The American people have lost all faith in mainstream social media, and for good reason,” said CloutHub founder and CEO Jeff Brain, noting that CloutHub’s objective is to bring people together, encourage open dialogue, and empower the American people to make a positive impact in their communities. 

“Our new features are truly cutting-edge,” he continued. “The new update does not just improve the user experience, but also adds functions that are currently not available on some of the most advanced social media platforms in the world. Crucially, CloutHub is now server autonomous – meaning that our platform does not depend on any individual hosting service.  

Brain also noted that CloutHub’s platform has become fully web-based – a feature that would allow its users to directly access the social network on any mobile browser in addition to downloading the official app from a digital marketplace.

In addition to these changes, CloutHub has also made it possible for users to read and comment on news articles without leaving the social media platform – something that is currently not possible on mainstream social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Another new feature makes it easier for CloutHub users to respond to videos and engage with content creators and streamers. 

The full list of new changes and features includes:

  • Web server autonomy
  • Enhanced security
  • Web-based platform
  • Open to the world
  • User Experience overhaul
  • Additional newsfeed functionality
  • New friend recommendations algorithm
  • Interactive News section
  • Additional Groups features
  • New video streaming engine

You Can join today by visiting

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Jack Sutter
10 months ago

Well I noticed the updated version of the other day, liked the improvements; good for them.

10 months ago

I have to download something onto my computer to join??does NOT make me happy. Belong to Twitter, facebook, Gettr, Gab, Parler USALIFE. None have required me to download something onto my computer to join So I think I will pass