CloutHub Named One of 11 Social Media Platforms To Watch in 2022

Using the Power of Social Media for Good!
We are proud to report that this week CloutHub was named as one of the top new Social Media platforms to watch in 2022.  

CloutHub was number three on the list published. First on the list was  – Octi, a social network that uses augmented reality to connect people in real life. Octi is backed by Live Nation, Number two – ClubHouse a popular social audio app where users can host discussions on any topic. ClubHouse is valued at $4 billion, and ahead of Number Four – Twitter Spaces which is Twitters version of  Clubhouse.

“CloutHub is an ad-free social network for civic, social, and political empowerment and engagement,” writes Practical Ecommerce – an outlet that publishes expert insights into the world of ecommerce. 

CloutHub is redefining social media. CloutHub is a complete all-in-one platform that incorporates the best features of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Clubhouse, and more, into a single app that gives users everything they need in one convenient platform. We promote Free Speech and protect user privacy. Members can connect and socialize as they like to do on social media, but they can also connect and collaborate to address the key topics and challenges that affect their lives, communities and country. In early 2022 CloutHub will begin adding hubs for civics, faith, education, entertainment, health, sports, finance, business, etc.  

“Social media has tremendous power to positively serve people’s lives and be a positive influence for society.  In early 2022 CloutHub will begin adding hubs for civics, faith, education, entertainment, health, sports, finance, business, etc. We will connect our members in a meaningful way to the things in life that shape and enrich their lives, and create a stronger society. That is what social media should do” said CloutHub Founder, Jeff Brain 

The recent addition of features such as CloutHub Events – a tool that allows members to host interactive virtual community events with up to 100,000 participants, and CloutHub Groups with Subgroups to facilitate organizing and communication, as well as our new Video Channels that allow our members to go live anywhere, anytime – have made CloutHub one of the most sophisticated and exciting newcomers in the social media industry. To read the whole article, click the below link. 

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