Clinton Top Adviser Makes Fun of McConnell’s Polio

A top Hillary Clinton Adviser has put out a viral tweet of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell falling, making fun of his childhood Polio disease.

It’s no surprise to those in the know that Adam Parkhomenko would make a vile tweet like this. After all, he’s in bed with the Clinton machine.

Media from CNN to MSNBC are asking him to take it down. It’s well known by those with brains that Mitch McConnell has trouble walking, because the Senator had Polio as a child.

Despite requests to remove the viral video making fun of McConnell, and knowing he has this issue because of a childhood illness, Parkhomenko is doubling down on his hate filled rage.

I mean, why not double down and result to name calling when you’re making fun of a man who suffered from Polio, right Adam?

Now imagine if you will (cue the Twilight Zone Voice) a conservative doing this to a prominent liberal who had a disease as a child. I’m sure the mainstream media would just ignore it right?

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Steve DuBose
Steve DuBose
3 years ago

I am no McConnell fan, but Dem.s are, after all, America’s largest foe! They can do and say anything and it gets swept under the rug……well I tripped and fell on that damn rug and i am tired of trying to remember to step over that clump of crap!

3 years ago

Parkhomenko , huh , isn’t that Russian