CLASS ACT! Boys High School Wrestler Forfeits Instead of Wrestling Female Wrestler

An 18-year-old high school senior has forfeited in the State tournament in Colorado after he refused to wrestle a female competitor.

This in my opinion is a class act in a classless world. The equal rights movement has gotten out of control, and there are just some things that folks in common sense land are going to have to understand. Regardless of your “feelings” girls cannot compete or do the things boys do physically.

Brendan Johnston says it was a simple choice. The 18-year-old senior wrestler from The Classical Academy in Colorado had never competed against a girl before, and faced with the option to do so he tells The Washington Post he instead decided to forfeit.

“My whole thing is that I’m not a girl wrestler; I’m just a wrestler,” said Jaslynn Gallegos, a senior at Skyview High. “So it kind of doesn’t hurt my feelings, but I do kind of take it to heart.” -Said Jaslynn Gallegos his opponent.

Johnston however is was raised right, to respect women, and to treat women like ladies. You know, the way it used to be before liberals in America starting ruining everything.

“There is something that I really do find problematic about the idea of wrestling with a girl, and a part of that does come from my faith and my belief,” said Johnston, who identifies as Christian and said he attends the International Anglican Church in Colorado Springs. “And a part of that does come from how I was raised to treat women as well as maybe from different experiences and things.” -Brendan Johnston

Johnston who started wrestling in 7th grade said that the aggression that he uses in wrestling isn’t something that he wanted to or felt comfortable showing towards a girl. He declined to wrestler Gallegos in the first round of the State Tournament in Class 3A 106-pound bracket. He then decided to forfeit against Angel Rios, a junior at Valley High in the third round of consolations, which ended his high school wrestling career.

Only 12 states recognize girls’ wrestling as an official sanctioned high school sport, and it’s important to point out that there are ZERO Division 1 women’s wrestling teams. There are 38 colleges across all divisions (thousands) that field a women’s wrestling team and compete as part of the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association.

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