Clark County Commissioner Refuses to Hear From Voters About Mask Mandates, Shuts Down Town Hall

Clark County Commissioner William McCurdy II held a town hall last night in Las Vegas, with the intent to hear people’s input on how the county should recover from all the forced lockdowns and mandates from last year. Problem is, he didn’t actually want to listen and shut it all down.

A mandatory mask mandate goes back into effect in Clark County this Friday at midnight….even for those that are vaccinated or already have natural immunity.

There’s absolutely no science or numbers behind it either, the Governor states he’s doing it to fight the “delta” variant, which given the CDC’s own admission that tests cannot discern between covid and the flu this week….makes you wonder how they know what they’re really dealing with at all.

Las Vegas is a town built on tourism and conventions, and was just starting to come back after last year’s restrictive mandates and forced closures, and now social media was beaming once again with people canceling their travel plans and business trips.

McCurdy’s team started off the meeting by showing slides of the $400 million dollars that was allocated to the county for covid recovery…which several members of the audience quickly did the math for and announced came to only $20 a person. The people of Clark County didn’t want a cheap handout that did nothing but burden the next generation with even more crushing debt they’ll never get out of….they wanted to work and they wanted to do it without being forced to wear a mask or take an experimental vaccine that has had no long term safety or generational side effects studies done. McCurdy did not want to hear it, he wanted to know how you were going to beg for the financial crumbs he was throwing at you and nothing else. On his flier you can read that he specifically states he wants the money to go to the “underserved population” and those that are “disproportionately affected” by covid….which apparently doesn’t mean small business owners or independent contractors to William McCurdy. When someone in the crowd shouted that it should go to small businesses he dismissively went “Yea yea small business” like whatever, he didn’t want to hear it. Makes you wonder where he’s *really* planning on spending all this money. (Probably a good time for someone to look at where he’s spent it in the past.) Several times he made the statement that people in attendance weren’t part of “his community” based off how they looked, as if people attended commissioner meetings just for fun. To be fair, McCurdy did not distinguish on his own town hall flier that he was the county commissioner for district D, which since most people don’t know where the lines are drawn, simply saw the flier and assumed it meant you lived anywhere in the proximity. The meeting dissolved into arguments as he turned the mics off on anyone complaining how forced mask mandates were going to destroy any chance of economic recovery for the city. In the hallway arguments continued among attendees mostly between a few McCurdy supporters and those about to lose their jobs and homes. McCurdy’s supporters told them “they shouldn’t be there” and accused several others including me of “white supremacy” just for even being there, for reasons that when asked they couldn’t explain. One McCurdy supporter personally told me that she hoped “I got sick and died of covid.” Classy supporters you got there, Commissioner. McCurdy ultimately ducked out the back door to avoid talking to his constituents and slipped into a Cadillac Escalade, as if to remind us all that Clark County politicians certainly weren’t the ones missing any paychecks.

If he refused to talk to you, feel free to reach him here at his office: (702) 455-3239

We don’t want your pandering financial crumbs William McCurdy, we want our rights back, we want to work, and we want to build our economy back up…not destroy it all over again. We know you didn’t really want to hear from the people last night, but at least you didn’t get your self-serving, self-congratulatory fake meeting you intended to virtue signal with either. I suggest you use your position of power and call your buddy Governor Steve Sisolak up to stop these economy crushing mask mandates before they go back into effect…because we’re not going anywhere. 👌🏻

McCurdy kept deferring to the Clark County Chambers meeting on the 3rd as to where we should take all our mandate concerns….don’t worry, we’ll be at that too.

To learn how you can help push for a forensic election audit in Nevada, and get these corrupt politicians out of office, click “here.

(Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow updated news about the Nevada Audit either through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy )

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[…] • Clark County Commissioner Refuses to Hear From Voters About Mask Mandates, Shuts Down Town Hall: Clark County Commissioner Refuses to Hear From Voters About Mask Mandates, Shuts Down Town Hall […]