Christian Pastor Jailed in Canada for Holding Church Services Against the Governments Wishes

Reverend James Coates of GraceLife Church of Edmonton, who’s a friend of my good friend Pastor Brian Gibson turned himself into police this past Tuesday, two days after officials attended his Sunday church service.

The Canadian officials, also known as tyrants were seeing how closely they were following the ridiculous lockdown orders in the country. Now Pastor Coates is a political prisoner in his own country for standing for religious liberty.

The authorities from the Alberta Health Services and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said there was a lack of compliance and that Coates had violated the latest edit from Canadian Emperor, we mean Leader Justin Trudeau.

Coates received an offer that he would be released if he agreed to not hold anymore services until the government allows him to. He refused, and said no thanks I’ll stay in jail.

It’s not like Canada is as free as America, we all know this. However, this same tyranny is happening right now in almost every State in America as corrupt governors and politicians deny you the right to peacefully assemble, worship, or to gather.

Coates was fined in December, Alberta Health Services then ordered the church to close in January and then Coates was arrested and charged in early February for contravention of the Public Health Act.

The government agencies then went to his Church on February 7th, and then made the following Draconian ruling.

“Observations were made that James Coates was not complying with his undertaking release conditions, and the church was not in compliance with the Public Health Order.”

Because of that, the RCMP said it would be furthering its investigation into the church and its pastor.

“To be very clear, the RCMP’s objective is not to interrupt church services, prohibit services, nor deny peoples’ right to practice their religion — merely to ensure that public health restrictions are adhered to while doing so,” Insp. Mike Lokken said.

Coates turned himself in on Tuesday as you know, and this is the response from the corrupt officials in Canada.

“He was charged with two counts of contravention of the Public Health Act and charged for failing to comply with a condition of his undertaking, under the Criminal Code,” RCMP said Wednesday.

There was a bail hearing on Wednesday morning and Coates “was to be released on conditions.” However, “he continued to refuse to agree with those conditions and a judge’s order was issued compelling him to attend court on Wednesday, Feb. 24,” RCMP said in a news release.

“We’ve been consistent in our approach of escalated levels of enforcement with Pastor Coates, and we were hopeful to resolve this issue in a different manner,” Lokken said.

“The pastor’s actions, and the subsequent effects those actions could have on the health and safety of citizens dictated our response in this situation.”

RCMP also confirmed a member of the GraceLife Church administration is a former RCMP officer who retired in October 2014.

“Our response to the non-compliance of the church has been consistent with our overall RCMP strategy in the province which is; education, an opportunity for compliance, and lastly, enforcement,” Insp. Lokken said in a statement.

“Parkland RCMP has managed the investigation into the GraceLife Church with absolutely no influence from any member of their administration or congregation, regardless of any past or present affiliation with our organization.

“The RCMP has conducted all their interactions with the church in an impartial, professional, and respectful manner.”

In a news release, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms said it is representing GraceLife Church and Coates and is appealing his imprisonment to the Court of Queen’s Bench.

This is a developing story and we will keep you updated right here at The DC Patriot. Please pray for the pastor and his family, this is something that no one should have to go through for preaching the gospel.

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2 years ago

China is in Canada in mass! Also, this sounds just like the works of the ccpp, only Canada is using the fake pandemic as an excuse to implement these draconian communist laws! We have seen it here in liberal states and we need to stop it now before it spreads! Wake up America, and the world!

2 years ago

My church is sterile from cleaning. Hand sanitizer, masks, everyone sits 6 feet apart, we go over and above the rules set forth by the Government. We still recieved a fine. And we are still in fear. And the church is still open. The church is an essential service.

2 years ago

Has any government ‘officials’ checked for COVID cases resulting from the service(s)?