Chris Christie vs Donna Brazile Arguing Over the The Legitimacy of the Jan 6 Hearings is the Train Wreck We Couldn’t Turn Away From [VIDEO INSIDE]

Former Governor Chris Christie created a firestorm on ABC News’ “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday, with what he had to say about the Jan. 6 Committee. Christie pointed out in his opening statement it was “resigned to having a credibility problem with Republicans because of the membership and the way that it was done.” 

Christie continued, “There are lots of Republicans across this country who just say, there’s nobody there to argue the other side. Kinzinger and Cheney don’t argue the other side to the extent that there is some arguments there.”

The comment caused both anchor George Stephanopoulos and former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile to jump down Christie’s throat.

While Stephanopoulos claimed there was no other side, Brazile demanded to know, “What is the other side? Christie spoke about the ability to grill the witnesses, something they would normally have at a hearing, which is missing here. Instead, he said accurately, “it is a television production. Brazile just kept shouting at Christie and would barely let him get in a word in retort.

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When Christie finally got a chance to speak, he said, “There are lots of people inside the White House who now have convenient memories about things that they didn’t have memories about them before.”

But, the Trump and Republicans weren’t given that option because that’s not allowed, to challenge the narrative. You’re not allowed to know that Trump spoke about acting “peacefully and patriotically” at his rally before the riot. You’re not allowed to question why Democrats didn’t conduct this like a normal hearing.

But the overall view in general of Democrats’ is that Trump is guilty of pushing an “insurrection” just because they say so. To them, he isn’t entitled to a defense. It doesn’t matter what Trump said, or what evidence might rebut their presumptions. The Democrats don’t believe in the rule of law, just their rule of the narrative. That’s why everyone on the Committee, including the Republicans, was already solidly anti-Trump, picked for their bias.

And that’s why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in an unprecedented move, rejected members who were picked by the Republican side who might have questioned the Democrats.

The last person in the world who should be talking about “credibility” is Donna Brazile. Can anyone forget how Brazile divulged debate questions to Clinton camp officials during the Democratic primaries in the 2016 race? Even the left excoriated her with headlines like this:

But Christie accurately noted it’s because of that basic unfairness about the formation of the Committee saying, “It’s very hard for Democrats to be able to make this a cutting issue, especially in the light of huge inflation, gas prices, crime in the streets, open borders, drug overdoses, those things that are affecting people’s everyday lives and they don’t see it that way.

Christie reasoned; most Americans have turned the Committee off. They know it’s about trying to get Trump, not about the riot or the rule of law.

So, the bottom line is that the Democrats are pushing issues that aren’t’ the top issues of concern to voters. They thought they would use Jan. 6 to smear Republicans. But people know it’s a biased show; it’s backfiring on them because voters don’t think they care about anything else, including the issues that are most important to Americans.

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