CHINA: Shanghai Launches Lockdown in Two-Phases to Tackle New Covid-19 Outbreak

According to the Chinese government, Shanghai will launch a phased lockdown to curb the Omicron-fueled Covid-19 outbreak that has hit China with its highest caseloads since the early days of the pandemic, the city government announced on Sunday.

China’s biggest city will lockdown its easter half from Monday until Friday, officials said, followed by a similar lockdown on its western side beginning on April 1.

The metropolis of 25 million people has in recent days become the leading hotspot in the nationwide outbreak that began to gain a heavy pace in early March.

The case numbers remain insignificant in a global context, they are China’s highest since the first weeks of the pandemic, assuming you can believe what the Chinese government says, which we don’t.

China’s National Health Commission on Sunday reported more than 4,500 new domestically transmitted cases, down by more than 1,000 from the previous day but still far higher than the double-digit daily tallies seen the past two years.

Again, none of this makes any sense, unless its’ not Covid they are trying to squelch.

On Saturday, a member of the city’s pandemic task force had vowed Shanghai would not shut down.

“If Shanghai, this city of ours, came to a complete halt, there would be many international cargo ships floating in the East China Sea,” said Wu Fan, a medical expert on the task force, during a daily virus press briefing held by the city government.

“This would impact the entire national economy and the global economy.”

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