On Tuesday Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Fend told a video conference of U.S. executives to “make a positive contribution” to the Oly​mpics, which are scheduled for February The Biden administration has already acknowledged that it is considering a diplomatic boycott in response to China’s human rights violations.

Speaking to those attending the video call, which included the American Chamber of Commerce in China, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, and the U.S.-China Business Council, Xie told the group, “Boycotting the Olympics for political reasons harms the interest of athletes, violates the shared ideals and aspirations of the international society, and is unpopular.” The call was meant to solidify their relationship with Beijing, the Washington Post reported.

Xie added to the executives attending “Everyone must be clear that Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet are core interests that touch upon China’s sovereignty and secure development. China does not have any room to compromise.”

The communist’s regime’s genocide against Uyghur Muslims, crackdown on civil liberties in Hong Kong, military incursions in Taiwan’s defense zone and the disappearance and censorship of tennis star Peng Shuai have led to increased calls for countries to boycott the Olympic games.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has actively pressured China into confirming Peng’s safety and investigating her allegations, announced on Wednesday it would suspend all tournaments in China over concerns of Peng’s safety. The Chinese Tennis Associations expressed “indignation” towards the “unilateral action” on Thursday, accusing the WTA of acting on “fictitious information.”

“It not only beset and hurt the relevant athlete herself, but also will several harm the female tennis players’ fair opportunities to compete, then damage the interest of the entire sport of tennis,” The Chinese Tennis Association said, as reported by the Post. But the statement was only delivered in English, and it was not circulated on Chinese media.

The White House, United Nations and European Union also came to Peng’s defense, calling for investigations into her allegations and disappearance. Peng, one of the biggest tennis stars in China, went missing in early November after she made public allegations of sexual assault against a retired official from China’s Communist Party.

Members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), however, allegedly reached the “unanimous conclusion” that Peng is not in any danger, according to member Dick Pound. Pound told CNN he was “puzzled” by the negative reaction to the organization’s report on a video call with Peng almost three weeks after her disappearance, where she denied that her safety was at risk.

Peng’s tennis peers have been equally supportive, with Novak Djokovic calling her disappearance “shocking” and Chris Evert describing the entire situation as “disturbing.” Billie Jean King wrote that she hopes Peng, a former world No. 1 is found safe while Alize Cornet added, “Let’s not remain silent” with the hashtag#WhereIsPengShuai.

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