Chilling Death Scene Photos of Woman Linked to Dead Bill Clinton Presidential Finance Adviser Raise Many More Questions

Some chilling photos from the death of an Arkansas woman who has ties with a top Clinton adviser who was found dead last month spark many new questions as the number in the Clinton Body Count continues to swell.

The body of Ashley Haynes was found drowned in the Arkansas river with an extension cord knotted to her ankle and attached to a concrete block. This of course lead the brilliant authorities to rule it a suicide, as almost every death associated with a certain family seems to get ruled in America.

Last month, Clinton moneyman and President of Clinton’s Presidential Finance campaign from 1992-1995 Mark Middleton’s body was discovered hanging from a tree with an electrical cord of the same style wrapped around his neck and a close-range shotgun blast through his chest.

According to Radar Online, they have sources who say that Middleton and Haynes met shortly before her death.

Famed pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht arched the shocking conclusion after reviewing exclusively obtained documents and shocking crime scene photographs of the the 47-year-old model and yoga teacher, who was once seen by a witness in a meeting with Middleton to discuss a financial matter.

Dr. Wecht, told Radar Online it is common for people bent on committing suicide by drowning to weigh themselves down with a heavy objet tor event the body’s natural reflex to surface.

However, he said it’s incumbent upon the police to investigate how she ended up under 10 feet of water in the Little Rock suburb of Maumelle, Arkansas where she lived.

According to a source obtained by The DC Patriot, Haynes used to go out paddle boarding by herself all the time. Our source also says she left a note that she would be back in a little bit to her family, just like she always does.

This is the bag that the somehow almost 60lb block was in that Haynes allegedly drug on a paddle board down the river to drowned herself.

The following is from our friends at

“There is nothing here that I can dig into that is even suggestive of any kind of foul play. It certainly is possible, and I cannot rule it out, and I am not ruling it out, as far as third-party involvement or someone doing this to her,” he said. “That is something that has to be looked into by the police.” 

Haynes, a mother of two who frequently water paddled along the river, vanished on January 12, 2022, after leaving a note on her kitchen island counter stating “on the water, love you all.” She was last seen by a local resident in a wetsuit, according to the police report obtained by

After a massive search, her corpse was discovered four days later by a family friend.

“Mrs. Haynes had a bag strapped to her leg with a green extension cord,” states the police report. “Inside the bag was a large concrete block that measured 16x16x4.”

The crime scene photos show the concrete slab, weighing about 58-pounds, was stuffed inside a dirt-covered canvass bag with red handles and “The Haynes” embroidered on one side. Ashley’s right ankle was tethered to the bag by a thick green extension cord, yet her foot was looped through both of its red handles.

Dr. Wecht noted there were no signs of injuries to her body and the abbreviated autopsy report obtained by Radar does not indicate she was suffering from any illness. Despite repeated requests, Radar has been denied the toxicology report from the Pulaski County Coroner – which Wecht says is vital in determining a cause of death.

According to a source that Radar Online has, she worked with a charitable group to feed and clothe the homeless. That source said the 110-bound yoga instructor would have never taken her own life, Let alone paddleboard down the river lugging a concrete block to commit suicide.

“It didn’t make any sense. She would never kill herself,” the Haynes source said. “When I heard she went missing, I knew instantly it was foul play. I don’t believe she killed herself. How could she water paddle down the river with a concrete block?!” 

Just like Middleton, both deaths were ruled a suicide and both were said to suffer from depressions, just like dozens of others connected to a certain American family

Middleton was President Clinton’s former campaign finance director and was found hanging from a tree with a cheap extension cord around his neck after making his way onto a farm by trespassing. He was also somehow able to construct a makeshift gallows for himself..

Middleton’s associate who spotted Haynes meeting the doom moneyman tells Radar the well-respected Little Rock businessman also was incapable of taking his life in such an elaborate fashion.

Make sure you’re keeping up with our friends at Radar Online for the latest in this investigation.

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Ada Naomi Merryman
Ada Naomi Merryman
11 months ago

Does anyone even believe this? Is anyone investigating the connections between Middleton, Haynes, Wecht, Clintons? Ridiculous conclusions of suicide of both these people. Was Wecht the pathologist who pronounced the first ‘suicide”? Follow the money.

10 months ago