Chief Justice John Roberts Stops Handover of Trump Documents to House Committee

The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday temporarily delayed the handover fo former President Donald Trump’s tax documents to the Democratic-controlled and out of control House Ways and Means Committee.

Roberts order will allow the high court time to debate legal issues in the former president’s Emergency Supreme Court Appeal Filed on Monday.

Shockingly the corrupt D.C. Federal Appeals Court denied his bid to delay the release of his returns to the committee which will no doubt be leaked to the mainstream media by the corrupt Democrats almost immediately. It’s absolutely criminal what they are doing to this man.

You can read the appeal below.

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“Even assuming the Committee would suffer some abstract harm if it could not immediately access these records, that harm is dwarfed by the irreparable, case mooting harm that [Trump and his businesses] will suffer if a stay is denied,” attorneys for the former president wrote in their filing asking for a stay of a mandate requiring him to turn over the tax documents.

Read the full appeal here.

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