Chelsea Clinton & Others Hammer Ilhan Omar on Antisemitism

How bad of a democrat do you have to be if Chelsea Clinton reprimands you on social media?

Ilhan Omar is at it again, this time attacking Jews and AIPAC.

In a response to Jewish writer Batya Ungar-Sargon Ilhan Omar again attacked the Jewish People, and those Jews living in America. She is now claiming that AIPAC known as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is paying politiicans huge sums of money to support and back Israel.

Unfortunatley that’s already been debunked here. Emily Sanotti states “Just out of curiousity, I searched open records for how much AIPAC spends per year to lobby to pro-israel interests. A measly $3.5 Million in a good year. It barely even cracks the top 50, is dwarfed by “Beer Wholesalers.”

She went on to add “In contrast, Planned Parenthood’s PAC spent $20 Million in 2016.”

Newly elected Democratic Senator Krysten Sinema stood up for Israel tlast night. She spoke at AIPAC’s Phoenix dinner last night about “strengthening and deepening this alliance.”

Omar continues to double down on her false statements by claiming that GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is in it for the money. She tweeted “It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby” in regards to his rebuttal to her antisemitism.

So the question remains, when are those in power in Washington, D.C. going to finally call out Omar on her hate for Jews and the people of Israel?

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