Chad Prather Talks Texas Governor’s Race and More on ‘The Matt Couch Show’

The Host of “The Chad Prather Show” on “The Blaze TV” joined our own Matt Couch on “The Matt Couch Show” to discuss the latest in the Texas Governor’s race.

The two discussed where is Texas Governor Greg Abbott? Where are the primary opponents, and how Greg Abbott plans to spend $60 million on the governor’s race, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Abbott can get more funding if he can, as the mainstream media are pushing for him to win the Republican Primary.

You can watch the full entertaining show here with Chad and Matt, two funny guys, who are up on the issues. Hearing Chad Prather talk about the Texas Governor’s race will give you a new perspective of who he really is.

]He’s not just a funny guy, he’s a front runner to be the next Governor of the Great State of Texas.


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