Chad Prather Launches New Book ‘Am I Crazy’ and It’s Triggering Liberals Everywhere

Conservative influencer, comedian, and country music star Chad Prather has launched a new book that is completely fitting for 2021. His new book titled “Am I Crazy” is available in book stores everywhere, and it’s quite the read.

What in tarnation is going on in this country? 

In a world gone mad, comedian, entertainer, and talk show host Chad Prather — the unapologetic American running for governor of Texas — knows what fed-up and frustrated Americans need . . .

A big ol’ laugh with a shot of kick-in-the-pants common sense.

Inside the pages of Am I Crazy?, the guy who proudly sports a “Just a regular dad trying not to raise a liberal” T-shirt rants on everything from politics and culture to cyber rage, trolls, and keyboard clowns to marriage, family and kids, teenage alien commandos, and a whole lot more.

Prather’s look at the demented drama being paraded around as normal will show you it’s just CRAZY!

Am I Crazy? will have you pondering answers to questions like:

  • Why are we allies with Saudi Arabia when they’re a walking human rights violation? One word, and it’s not oil. Page 68
  • Should you really be worried about Bernie Sanders — or should you be more worried about the “After Bern”? Page 73
  • On Elizabeth Warren: why she has everything all backward and why she should consider smoking some of the good stuff. Page 79
  • Exactly why liberals won’t concede there may have been election fraud and resort to calling you a crazy, delusional racist instead. Page 87 People make you feel guilty for being successful? How to not feel like a “Judas” for chasing your dreams and making money. Page 99
  • Is the media just pushing their personal bias or is there something deeper at work? The big fix is simple if you follow the Prather protocol. Page 102
  • How did Christianity become the target of nasty bullies in Hollywood — and why is it just Christianity? Page 107
  • Guns, guns, and more guns! Why you DO have a right to own them, and not just for hunting. Page 154
  • Why is it that men get a ration of crap for shaving in the bathroom, yet women can shed a woolly mammoth and that’s OK? Page 158
  • Why a silent woman is the most dangerous of all God’s predators. Rest assured she’s plotting your demise. Don’t fall for this trap or you’ll lose! Page 166

Pick up ‘Am I Crazy’ today at WATCHCHAD.COM

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Arthur Brown
Arthur Brown
11 months ago

Dr. M. Scott Peck in his book “The Road Less Traveled” – on his report to the military of the causes of the Mi Lai massacre – observed that normal people, when confronted with evil, feel confusion. “Why would anyone do such a thing? That’s insane!” is often the reaction. It isn’t crazy and you are not crazy. And they are not crazy. They are evil. Until normal people admit that -which requires and admission that evil does exist – there will be no stopping it.