Chad Prather Hammers ERCOT and Abbott in Latest Address as Texas Gubernatorial Race Heats Up

Texans are now being asked to do what the liberals in California do, to put the thermostat on 78 degrees during the Summer. An absolutely horrific and draconian notion that is normally only seen in countries that have zero infrastructure.

Texas Gubernatorial candidate Chad Prather running to unseat incumbent RINO Greg Abbott has had enough. He addresses the issue in his latest video below.

ERCOT is telling Texans to conserve their energy by turning their thermostats up. Are we in store for another Texageddon?

The power grid in Texas will continue to be an issue until something REAL is done about it.

Texas leads the nation in energy production. So what’s the problem?

For starters:

We must increase baseline and reserve power! We don’t have enough generation capacity to manage peak usage times and times when certain power generation isn’t available. We need back up power.

It’s time to recommission closed power plants and find other power generation solutions.

We must solidify the grid and power transfer ability across the state.

The problem is getting worse. Reliance on wind and solar is NOT the solution. #prather2022

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1 year ago

I’ll vote for Chad..Abbott is turning out to be another Rick Perry…1 trick pony relying on anti-abortion stance while ignoring the Border, energy and gender reassignment insanity spreading across blue cities.

Mary V Schmidt
Mary V Schmidt
1 year ago

Chad has my vote! I’m sorry Mr Abbott , Sir,, I respect what good you have tried but its just too little to late. We needed this get up and go from you along time ago. No pun intended.. New fresh pair of eyes is needed for a different perspective.. its time for solutions.