CENSORSHIP: Twitter Temporarily Suspends Danielle D’Souza Gill Over Tweet That Doesn’t Violate Terms of Service

Twitter late Friday evening suspended the account of conservative activist, author, and daughter of Dinesh D’Souza over a tweet that doesn’t even violate their terms of service.

The Big Tech censorship in America has now reached a new level of insanity as they work hard to tell you that a rigged election wasn’t rigged.

No one with a functioning brain believes that former Vice President Joe Biden received almost 80 millions votes. Biden couldn’t even fill up 30 circles on a lawn days before the big election.

As you can see from the tweet above, she did nothing that would violate the Twitter terms of service. This is just another example of Big Tech censorship.

Danielle’s account has been restored but she had to delete this tweet and others that were truthful, which is ridiculous. The left continues to dominate conservatives on social media with zero repercussions.

What are your thoughts Patriots? Tired of this nonsense?

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1 year ago

This is why folks need to have their own blog, etc., so they can share their own content, and have their own voice.