CENSORSHIP CONTINUES: Twitter Suspends ILoveMyFreedom.Org Co Founder Jack Murphy for ‘Hateful Conduct’

Jack Murphy is a true Patriot and someone that I call a good friend. He’s Pro MAGA, Pro Trump, and fights for what’s right in our Republic. Jack’s kind, caring, a fighter, and someone quite frankly that you want on your side.

I received a text message from Jack this evening talking about how he’d been suspended from Twitter. My first instinct was to say “What did you say?”. Jack quickly responded with “let me show you”. Then this text message came across the screen.


So Jack Murphy, with over 230,000 followers on Twitter alone, who’s been a guest on our platforms, and is the Co-Owner of ILoveMyFreedom.org one of the fastest growing conservative news sites on the planet got suspended for the above picture tweet?

Twitter suspended Jack for “Hateful Conduct”? Since when is telling the truth hateful conduct? What does that even mean? Who determines this? Jack didn’t attack any race, religion, creed, sex, nothing. He basically stated that Illegal Immigrants in a Caravan or Invasion would not be allowed to overwhelm Border Patrol and the U.S. Military at the border and storm in.

He also stated that the caravan turned down jobs, healthcare, and education offered to them by the Country of Mexico.

Everything that Jack stated is 100% true. It’s not hateful, and it’s not even insinuating any kind of violence what so ever. So how is this “Hateful Conduct” Twitter?

If anyone at Twitter would like to reach out to my team, we would love to hear an explanation on this. As would millions of Americans.

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