CDC Says It’s Investigating Heart Inflammation Reports in Covid Vaccinated Teens and Young Adults

The Centers for Disease Control says it’s investigating reports of heart inflammation in teenagers and young adults who have received the coronavirus vaccine. It’s a frightening warning considering the age demographic rarely has issues with the virus or spreads it.

The CDC says they hav received “relatively few” reports of predominantly male adolescents and young adults developing myocarditis, and inflammation of the heart muscle.

The condition can be caused by a number of viruses, and often goes away without complications the Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices said.

“Most cases appear to be mild,” the agency said. 

Officials were not alarmed by the cases but said healthcare workers should be aware of the “potential adverse event,” in a May 17 statement.

The group did not specify the number of people affected but said cases usually occurred within four days of taking the Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, which was recently approved for children ages 12 – 15.

“Vaccines are going to unequivocally be much more beneficial outweighing this very low, if conclusively established, risk.” Dr. Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said of the CDC study.

So again, why are we vaccinating young people and teens who have a 99.99999% recovery rate from the virus naturally? This is becoming insane America..

Thanks to our friends at The New York Post for contributing to this article.

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