CDC Issues Order That Makes Not Wearing A Mask on Public Transportation a Federal Crime, Wait What?

Well this is a first, and I’d love for some constitutionalists and attorneys to educate me on how the Centers for Disease Control also known as the tyrannical CDC can issue anything that becomes a mandate or a law? How in the blue hell is this even possible?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, now no longer having to not be tyrants as the Biden Administration has replaced the Trump Administration have issued an unconstitutional mandate and law?

The order, which takes effect on Tuesday, requires a mask be worn by all travelers on planes, trains, subways, buses, taxis, and ride-sharing services likes Uber and Lyft.

Face coverings are also required at transportation hubs such as airports, bus terminals, train stations and subway stations.

The mandate offers a few exceptions, allowing individuals to lower masks “while eating, drinking, or taking medication, for brief periods,” and for communicating with a person who is hearing impaired.

The order will be enforced by the Transportation Security Administration and federal, state, and local agencies.

While the CDC reserves the right to “enforce through criminal penalties,” civil penalties, such as fines, are far more likely.

“Scientic evidence shows that consistent and universals use of masks on public transportations systems and in transportation hubs will protect Americans and help to reduce the spread of Covid-19,” the CDC stated.

You can read more from our friends at Forbes.

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Chas Presnell
Chas Presnell
11 months ago

Would like to subscribe to newsletter.

C. Oldham
11 months ago

Now do an article on how privet airlines will take up the passenger slack.