CDC: 15 Adults Hospitalized After Drinking Hand Sanitizer, Four Died

You honestly cannot make up the lack of common sense that now exists in America.

Fifteen adults have been poisoned after drinking hand sanitizer that contained methanol, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Wednesday.

Methanol, or wood alcohol, is a toxic chemical that can lead to hospitalization or death if ingested.

The Food and Drug Administration first warned of hand sanitizers with possible methanol contamination in June, citing nine products from Mexico. Since then, the list has grown to more than 100. The CDC recommends hand sanitizers that contain either ethanol or isopropanol, which are also alcohols, but not methanol. Hand sanitizer should never be ingested.

The CDC report included 15 cases of methanol poisoning in New Mexico and Arizona that occurred in May and June. The average age was 43, and 13 of the cases were in men. Several of the cases were among American Indians/Alaska Natives, though the report does not detail the exact number. All 15 individuals were hospitalized, and four people died. Another three developed vision problems, a known side effect of methanol poisoning.

All of the cases detailed in the report had had blood tests to confirm the presence of methanol. Additionally, all of the individuals reported past hand sanitizer ingestion.

you can read more from our friends at NBC News.

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Andrew LB
Andrew LB
2 years ago

Watch the media go and blame Trump even though it was THEM who lied to the country, claiming the President said such nonsense.

The article doesn’t mention it, but were they trying to get drunk? Or for COVID prevention?

To put this into context, in 2019 there were 1700 cases of methanol poisoning in the United States.

2 years ago

What will the DimLibs think of next?