Carly Fiorina Pledges Support for Joe Biden over Donald Trump

Well we all knew we didn’t like this woman much, and now we know why. Anyone who would choose Joe Biden over the successful first term of President Donald J. Trump has issues. Biden hasn’t done anything in 40 years.

The following is from The Washington Times:

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who ran for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination against Donald Trump, said she plans to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden in November, moving to support a Democrat over her former GOP competitor.

“I’ve been very clear that I can’t support Donald Trump,” Ms. Fiorina told The Atlantic’s “The Ticket” podcast. “And elections are binary choices.”

“As citizens, our vote is more than a check on a box. You know, it’s a statement about where we want to go, and I think what we need now actually is real leadership that can unify the country,” Ms. Fiorina said.

“I am encouraged that Joe Biden is a person of humility and empathy and character. I think he’s demonstrated that through his life. And I think we need humility and empathy everywhere in public life right now. And I think character counts,” she added.

You can read more from our friends over at The Washington Times.

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