CANCELED! Mike Lindell Says Television Stations Are Refusing to Air His Ads Yet AGAIN as Long as He’s in Them (VIDEO)

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, said TV stations around the country are refusing to air his company’s commercials if he’s in them.

That’s right, they’re working to cancel those they don’t agree with, but conservatives are now doing it as well with Disney, Netflix, and other woke corporations. But when will it stop on both sides?

These are smaller – I don’t even have the list, but when – when I get the list, you will be the first one to get it. I just heard it on Friday. I said what?

And believe me, They will never get to sell my product again, just like those box stores. When you leave, it’s goodbye, have a nice day.”

This is to be expected as conservatives are now pushing back against the woke corporations in America. Mike Lindell has done an excellent job of using conservative influencers to push his products and bypass the mainstream media and television markets that continue to shun him.

What are your thoughts, do you support My Pillow?

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9 months ago

I definitely support Mike and my pillow…. I do believe Mike is a top-notch patriot and that the my pillow products exceed my expectations every time… so far I have the pillows and the towels and the bed topper and with everything that I have gotten from them I am extremely satisfied …

Janice R. Crawford
Janice R. Crawford
9 months ago

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