Cancel Culture: Disney Announces it will Revamp ‘Snow White’ After Peter Dinklage’s ‘Dwarf’ Criticism

Disney is now going to retool it’s Live-action remake of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” following actor Peter Dinklage’s criticism, according to The Hollywood Reporter. You know, because someone’s offended, what else is new?

I’d like to lock these complaining and whining crybabies in a room with George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Sam Kinison, God rest all of their amazing souls. Just to watch them crappy flop in the floor from panic attacks and triggering from the truth those legends would pour onto this weak assed society, wouldn’t you?

Dinklage on Monday told podcast host Marc Maron that he couldn’t understand why Disney would make a live-action film featuring dwarves. 

“Literally no offense to anyone, but I was a little taken aback when they were very proud to cast a Latina actress as Snow White — but you’re still telling the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” he complained. “Take a step back and look at what you’re doing there. It makes no sense to me. You’re progressive in one way, but then you’re still making that f***ing backward story about seven dwarfs living in a cave together? What the f*** are you doing, man? Have I done nothing to advance the cause from my soapbox? I guess I’m not loud enough.”

Following his remarks, a spokesperson for Disney said that its production company plans to take a “different approach” in casting and developing the seven dwarves.

“To avoid reinforcing stereotypes from the original animated film, we are taking a different approach with these seven characters and have been consulting with members of the dwarfism community,” the spokesperson told the outlet. “We look forward to sharing more as the film heads into production after a lengthy development period.”

During the Maron interview, 52-year-old Dinklage — who was born with a condition called achondroplasia — added that the only way he’d be on board with supporting the film (with which he is not involved in any capacity at the time of this reporting) would be if production decided to take a wild, “f***ed up” spin on the story. 

“If you tell the story of Snow White with the most f***ed up, cool, or progressive spin? Let’s do it,” he said. “All in.”

Thanks to our friends at The Blaze for contributing to this article.

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