Canadian Pastor Who Defied Lockdown Orders WINS in Canadian Court of Appeals Unanimously

Many of you may know the story of Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski who defied the tyrant Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and refused to keep his church closed or lockdown during the Covid nonsense of the last two and a half years.

Last week, Pawlowski received a huge victory as the Court of Appeals unanimously reversed his guilty charge of contempt for holding church services during COVID shutdowns and refusing an Alberta Health Services (AHS) employee access to his church.

The pastor made headlines last April when he released a video of authorities demanding entry into his church, and the cellphone video with Calgary police escorting a public health official went viral on Twitter.

Local law enforcement issued a statement expressing concern “that the people in attendance were not adhering to the government’s COVID-19 public health orders, which are in place to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Following this first confrontation, authorities repeatedly attempted to gain access to Pawlowski’s church during the COVID restriction period. The pastor was arrested several times for refusing to comply with the shutdown orders. Despite the intimidation attempts, Pawlowski kept his church open to the public and encouraged attendance.

The Alberta Court of Appeal decided to set aside the finding of contempt and the sanction order imposed on Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid. The $15,733.50 fine to AHS was dropped and ordered to be reimbursed.

Pawlowski’s lawyer, Sarah Miller, shared the Court of Appeal’s unanimous decision on Twitter last Friday.

Artur Pawlowski, who runs Street Church and the Cave of Adullam in Calgary, Alberta, told Rebel News he was stunned when he learned of the victory.

“I was speechless,” he said. “When I learned that this was a total vindication, I stopped talking.”

The next chapter in the Pawlowskis’ saga is unclear, but, for the moment, they are celebrating the victory.

According to Pawlowski, he is still facing criminal charges and a $100,000 ticket “for feeding the homeless,” though the status of those issues remains unclear.

“I’m still on house arrest facing criminal charges for nothing,” he told Rebel News.

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3 months ago

God Bless Canada and Pastor Arthur,family. The United States has always been supporting you! God is the only way. Thank you for all that you do, very inspiring. Love from upstate NY 🇺🇲🚛🚛🚛🙏🇨🇦