California Lawmakers Plan on Introducing Vaccine Mandates in 2022

AB455 was a transportation bill that Democrat lawmakers were considering gutting and rewriting to become a vaccine mandate law. When Californians found out, we rightfully began calling our legislators to let them know what we thought about it. Fortunately, we got a temporary victory and this will not be introduced during this legislative session… but don’t relax yet! Democrat lawmakers confirmed that they plan on introducing this legislation early in 2022.

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Last week, many on social media started talking about AB455, claiming that it’s the “Vaccine Mandate Bill.” At first, I thought that it was all a hoax, since when I looked it up on the State of California website it was just a transportation bill dealing with toll roads and bridges up in San Francisco and Oakland.
However, as I did more research, I discovered that something much more sinister was going on.

Democrats were planning on gutting this transportation bill to transform it into a vaccine mandate bill. This would allow them to vote on a bill that the vast majority of Californians would be completely unaware of, and then we’d be stuck with the vaccine mandate.

In an attempt to keep you and I from knowing about this proposed bait-and-switch, they wrote up a draft and began meeting with fellow legislators in an attempt to convince them to support the vaccine mandate BEFORE they introduced it Legislation. It’s clear that this was an attempt hide this from the California people and vote on this last minute before this legislative session closed.

Apparently, somebody leaked this proposed bill and it spread like wildfire. Patriotic Californians did their job and made their voices heard, calling their legislators to demand they not implement this unconstitutional law. Our voices were heard… for now.

The headlines today are reading that the vaccine mandate will not be proposed or voted on. What’s hidden down towards each of the articles is that the Democrats are vowing to hold off on introducing this bill until early 2022.

We must realize that this was a major victory, as we clearly have a voice and they heard our calls. However, this was only victory in battle, but the war wages on. You see, they think that if they push it off a few months and don’t talk about it, they’ll be able to slip it in. Maybe it will be the same bill, or maybe they’ll pick a different one to gut and replace. Either way, the vaccine mandates are coming, so we must stand guard and get ready for Round Two.

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