California Blackouts Spilled 50,000 Gallons of Raw Sewage Into Oakland Estuary EPA Says

Some typical news coming out of the insanely and poorly ran state of liberal California.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler noted late last week that California’s recent blackouts had caused 50,000 gallons of raw sewage to be spilled into the Oakland estuary.

Wheeler delivered a speech at the Nixon Presidential Library to commemorate the passage of the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), which Nixon signed into law, creating the EPA.

Wheeler said:

And there are many examples of poor environmental outcomes here in California, despite its environmental reputation.

It should go without saying that dumping sewage into San Francisco Bay without disinfection, indeed without any chemical or biological treatment, is a bad idea, but that’s what been happening for many years, against federal law.

And just last month, the rolling blackouts created by California’s latest electricity crisis – the result of policies against power plants being fueled by natural gas – spilled 50,000 gallons of raw sewage into the Oakland Estuary when back-up wastewater pumps failed.

As state policymakers push more renewables onto the grid at times of the day when renewables aren’t available, these environmental accidents will happen more often.

At the time, CBS San Francisco reported:

The spill occurred after power outages between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., ordered by the California Independent System Operator, caused a pump to fail, EBMUD said Saturday.

“This power outage caused failure of major equipment at the wastewater plant, including the ability for EBMUD to generate its own power on site,” according to a statement from EBMUD on Saturday. “Power outages like this are quite uncommon. During PSPS events we normally get notice, but this outage occurred very quickly.”

You can read more from our friends at Breitbart.

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