BYU Tries to Cover Up ‘Revealing Whiteness Activity’ by Forcing Student to Delete Social Media Post About It

Thanks to our friends at Campus Reform who saved the document, BYU, Brigham Young University has been busted for trying to put on a “Revealing Whiteness Activity” on campus, you know because being white ain’t right in liberal universities.

A professor at Brigham Young University (BYU) allegedly assigned a classroom the exercise titled “Revealing Whiteness Activity.”

According to the assignment instructions, “Whiteness” is defined as:

“(1) a location of structural advantage or ‘race privilege'[;] (2) a ‘standpoint’ or place from which White people look at themselves, at others, and at society, and (3) a set of cultural practices that are usually unmarked and unnamed.”

The post was removed by a student-led organization BYU Conservatives, and according to the group they began facing massive backlash from university staff after the post was originally made. They were forced to delete the post or face consequences from the university.

The screenshot obtained from Campus Reform shows BYU Professor Eric Bybee claiming that the group had broken the university’s Intellectual Property Policy and Honor Code. Bybee then demanded that the post be removed.

The group also told Campus Reform that they received private messages from Bybee that accuses the students of “inviting targeted harassment” of faculty members. Because you know parents, how DARE you know what your kids are being taught at any level of education in America. These tyrants won’t stand for it!

“Your beliefs do not give you the right to violate university/faculty member intellectual property and invite targeted harassment of one of my colleagues,” he stated.

The students say Bybee also threatened to contact the “Honor Code office” and the “BYU Faculty Center” to investigate the social media account if the post was not removed.

Through the student account is anonymous, Bybee assured he would request that all “BYU students associated with the account and website” be investigated. 

He then listed specific names of individuals who have been associated with the organization.

Although the original post was deleted, the BYU conservatives later reposted the assignment, along with the private messages with Bybee’s name redacted.

In response, Bybee continued to message the organization, stating, “I would also invite you to reflect on the wide latitude that BYU has to police the behavior of students and faculty. Please understand that I am willing to use BYU’s unique policies in whatever way necessary to ensure that my colleges avoid the type of harassment that has become too common [in] other places.”

Professor Bybee responded to Campus Reform’s request for comment regarding his remarks on the group’s original post.

“Per BYU’s Intellectual Property Policy, all course materials created by professors are owned by the university,” he explained. “Additionally, the Honor Code Office expressly prohibits the posting of ‘proprietary course materials to 3rd party sites.’”

Furthermore, Bybee stated that he believed “conservative perspectives are a vital part of a healthy civil society” and that he “welcome[s] these perspectives in my classroom.”

Thanks to our friends at Campus Reform for this amazing piece of journalism! You can read more from Campus Reform HERE.

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10 months ago

As long as these rat bastards get federal dollars they are not and never will be a PRIVATE entity, they may claim to be a private entity but they are not.