BUSTED! Pelosi Caught Using Coronavirus Bill To WEAKEN Election Laws

In another disgusting display from Democratic leadership, Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed new plans for the coronavirus with several provisions that have absolutely nothing to do with relief for American citizens.

This bill comes after Democrats in the Senate voted to delay aid to the American people three times, and Nancy Pelosi is now using the situation as a “wishlist” for Democrats.

Several things in particular stand out in the propositions from Nancy Pelosi, ranging from ideas like early voting, same-day voter registration, all the way to government-forced corporate board diversity. By denying the emergency legislation from Republicans three times, Democrats in Congress have made it known that they are okay with economic instability for American citizens, as long as it means they get a chance to roll out their own ridiculous agendas.

One of the most questionable provisions added to the bill would require all States to allow early voting, which quite obviously has nothing to do with the coronavirus. Individuals would then be allowed to vote prior to the scheduled election day at a polling place or in some cases, even remotely.

Secondly, Nancy Pelosi is requesting same-day voter registration, which just so happens to be a long-time proposition backed by Democrats. This, in no way possible, is meant to help out small businesses across the nation.

The top Democrat also completely dove into the deep-end regarding identity politics, adding legislation that would require companies who receive help from the government to cooperate in diversity initiatives. For a total of five years, these corporations “must include officials and budget dedicated to diversity and inclusion.”

A list of all the additions unrelated to the coronavirus could go on and on, and the list wouldn’t even exclude more radical ideas like mandating airlines for carbon emissions. At such a critical time for our country, what Nancy Pelosi has brought to the table in terms of legislation should be completely inexcusable.

This isn’t even the first time that Nancy Pelosi has been caught trying to take advantage of the pandemic.

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