BUSTED! China Paid Millions to WAPO & NYT to Publish ‘Cleverly Disguised’ Chinese Propaganda

These are the people that are ruining America. They are dishonest, they are corrupt, and they take money to report what special interest groups and even foreign governments want them to publish.

An investigation revealed that the Washington Post and New York Times (and many others) accepted millions from Communist China to publish Chinese propaganda that was designed to look like legit articles.

According to the Free Beacon:

China Daily, an official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, has published hundreds of propaganda articles designed to look like ordinary news stories in some of America’s most influential newspapers. While foreign agents may place ads in the United States, the propaganda outlet has repeatedly violated the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) by failing to provide full disclosures about its purchases.

China Daily has published propaganda in mainstream outlets for decades, but did not disclose its purchases of space in American newspapers to the Department of Justice until 2012. Even after it began acknowledging its relationship with the papers, the regime mouthpiece continued to violate federal disclosure requirements. China Daily has failed to provide breakdowns of spending activities and withheld copies of online ads, among other omissions that violate federal law, according to experts who reviewed years of its FARA filings.

The Washington Free Beacon reviewed all of the physical copies of China Daily‘s ads filed with the DOJ, as well as online ads the propaganda outlet did not submit to the department. China Daily has run more than 700 online ads designed to look like news articles and purchased 500 print pages in six American newspapers over the last seven years. These propaganda articles frame state oppression in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong in a positive light and run alongside actual news stories produced by reporters at the Post, Times, Wall Street Journal, and other outlets.

“These outlets claim to support democracy, but they’ve participated in a cover-up for an ongoing communist-run genocide,” Banks said. “It’s disgusting.” Rep. Jim Banks (R., Ind.)

Federal law requires foreign agents to report and provide copies of all propaganda that is “disseminated or circulated among two or more persons” in the United States. Ben Freeman, director of the Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative at the Center for International Policy, said China Daily‘s ad inserts are subject to those requirements.

“Clearly, an ad that’s in the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, or any big media outlet is going to be distributed to two or more people,” Freeman said.

The President calls them Fake News for a reason America. They are truly the enemy of the American people. The evidence continues to mount up. I was recently asked if I belonged to any “Journalistic Integrity groups or foundations.” My answer was, “the mainstream ones? No, I actually report the truth.”

You can read more from our friends over at The Washington Free Beacon.

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