Businesses Leaving Portland in Droves over Riots & Anarchy

Ted Wheeler’s riddled city of Portland, Oregon is in shambles. Four months of constant infighting, rioting, protests, burning of businesses, and anarchy, now bring death and decay. The city of Portland is slowly dying.

Businesses are shifting operations from downtown Portland, Oregon, or scuttling plans to open stores there because of the near-nightly rioting and protests that have gone on since May 28.

Portions of the city are boarded up. Rioters, who often gather around 9 p.m. and don’t disperse until early the next morning, had caused tens of millions of dollars of damage or lost business by early July.

While many Standard Insurance employees have been working from home since March because of restrictions related to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, some continued to work from its downtown headquarters until recently, a spokesman told The Epoch Times.

“Many of those employees who had remained in our downtown offices have now been temporarily moved to our Hillsboro campus to ensure their welfare in light of continuing safety concerns and property damage downtown,” the spokesman said in an email. “Several employees and security contractors have been assaulted near our downtown offices in recent weeks and months, and that contributed to the decision.”

Other business owners who planned to open stores in Portland despite the pandemic have put those plans on hold or terminated them due to the unrest.

“We were actually going to open two stores in Portland, and then all this happened,” Joe Raetzer, co-owner of Steepologie Teas, told The Epoch Times.

Asked whether “all this” meant the pandemic or the unrest, he said: “Just purely the unrest. The riots.”

You can read more from our friends at The Epoch Times.

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