BULLIES: Establishment Players Strike Back Against GameStop Investors

It’s no surprise that the elites and Wall Street executives are working to try to find a way to screw over the little guy. Now these mental midgets who’ve been rocked by the little guy for beating them at their own game are trying to entice the authorities to step in for the sake of “small investors.”

We’re all sure they are very concerned with the little guys.

After small investors organized online to squeeze billions of dollars from Wall Street hedge funds, some establishment actors have come out against the investors.

The investors, mainly organized on the online Reddit forum “r/WallStreetBets,” have been buying shares of the video game retailer GameStop en masse, in the hope that hedge funds that apparently have borrowed large quantities of the stock to “short” it will be forced to buy it back at exorbitant prices, in what’s dubbed a “short squeeze.”

Some media, pundits, politicians, and financiers have decried the GameStop rush as irresponsible market distortion and argued that authorities need to step in for the small investors’ own good.

“What is dangerous, amid this trading frenzy, is that retail investors have been chasing prices so far above any sane valuation and that many will end up nursing losses,” said Jack Inglis, head of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), a hedge fund association, in a letter to members who have managed $3.7 trillion as of the third quarter of 2020.

He said the organization will help regulators with investigations.

And for the hedge funds, “those exposed will have taken it on the chin and will have executed steps to contain losses for their clients, whose savings they manage,” he said.

William Galvin, Massachusetts’s top financial regulator, also advised an intervention.

“It calls upon the regulators … to consider simply suspending it for a month and stop trading it,” he told Barron’s. “These small and unsophisticated investors are probably going to get hurt by this.”

This is nothing more than these crooks working to hurt the little guy in America, that’s what these people do day in and day out America.

You can read more from our friends at The Epoch Times.

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