British Ignore Social Distancing Pleas And Pack Beaches On Hottest Day Of Summer

Millions of Britons across northern England have been placed under partial lockdown as a handful of hotspots have emerged in Manchester and other areas. But despite a pervasive sense of trepidation as outbreaks in Catalonia, Poland and elsewhere revive fears about a second wave hammering Europe, many in the UK are crowding on to beaches as temperatures reach record summer highs.

Footage going viral on social media shows packed beaches along the south coast of England as temperatures notched the hottest day of the year.

At Bournemouth, a resort town in southwestern England not far from Southampton, a major incident was declared last month because the beach became so packed, social distancing became impossible.

The following is from The Guardian:

Despite the warnings, groups of up to 50 teenagers, and men and women in their early 20s gathered. Security guards removed some men who were drinking under the pier but no attempts were made to close the beaches or to to ask people to leave.

One sun-seeker, 18-year-old Lizzie Jones from Portsmouth, who was on the beach with a dozen friends, said she felt perfectly safe and didn’t feel she was putting anyone at risk. “We’re out here in the fresh air. People are a bit close but I don’t think there’s much of a danger,” she said.

Some car parks were full, prompting scores of people to abandon their vehicles illegally.

A digital sign informed people that the beach was “too busy.” A new app produced by the local authority, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council, urged people to avoid long stretches of the beaches with the message: “Avoid, safe social distancing not possible.”

You can read more from our friends at Zero Hedge.

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