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BREAKING: Washington D.C. Detective DellaCamera told to not mention Wikileaks emails by DC Mayor


America First Media has learned from sources this morning that Washington D.C. Police Detective Joey DellaCamera was told to not talk about emails Seth Rich sent to Wikileaks. Speaking on a condition of anonymity, the source tells us that Private Investigator Rod Wheeler told them this in conversation.

Our source tells us that Rod Wheeler in talking with Detective Joeseph Della Camera of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, had multiple conversations off the record about Seth Rich and Wikileaks. DellaCamera told Wheeler that Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser told him he was not allowed to talk about what they found on Seth Rich’s Computer.

Now who did Mayor Muriel Bowser’s marching orders come from you may ask? DellaCamera told Wheeler it came from high up in the DNC. DellaCamera, our source told us, begged Wheeler not to disclose any of this information from their conversations. However Wheeler continues to tell those “in the know” about the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks. The corruption in the swamp continues to flow around our Investigation of Seth Rich’s murder.

More on this developing story throughout the day.

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Elizabeth B. Estrada
Elizabeth B. Estrada
3 years ago

The swamp is deeper than anyone realizes. Good article Matt.

3 years ago

That’s just crazy! And EXACTLY why I WANT to support AFMG! You guys are the best! Prayers for all of you & your families!

Sharron Misner
Sharron Misner
2 years ago

We should expect this to happen in DC, totally corrupt democrat swamp. That is where the Grand Jury pool is coming from that Mueller set up. No wonder they got Flynn and the rest. CORRUPT.

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