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BREAKING: Video of Votes for President Trump Being Destroyed by Worker Emerges

The hits just keep on rolling, and the mainstream media unlike yours truly here at The DC Patriot refuses to cover the truth. This election is under a massive microscope of fraudulent behaviors.

Conservative actor and Trump supporter James Woods uncovered this gem on Instagram and shared it. It’s a mail or poll worker destroying ballots that have the name, you guessed it President Donald J. Trump on them, and bragging about it.

“Some of ya’ll know I work at the vote mail outs, which means we get your votes and we separate them. So some of these votes happen to say like this one Donald J. Dumb Trump’ that one just don’t make it toward the mail..”

WATCH the fraud Below:

If you happen to know who this individual is, please alert the authorities or comment and let our team know and we’ll pass the information along.

If you are a whistleblower, you can contact me at

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Jean Wetherbee
Jean Wetherbee
3 months ago

There’s been so much fraud in the election results that the Dems have really shown their true colors.

Connie George
Connie George
3 months ago

Where is the video

3 months ago
Reply to  Connie George
Hopefully it’s still up 😊🌎

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