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BREAKING: Twitter Wipes Out Unplanned Movie Followers

This has been one hell of a weekend for the people behind the Unplanned movie. They were suspended for no reason and restored on Saturday, and now they’ve been wiped out.

The account which was nearing 100,000 followers now shows to only have 2,500 followers.

Twitter is yet again censoring conservative accounts.

This is a developing story, stay with us.

UPDATE: At 10:04PM the followers had been restored. But then at 10:17PM, they were wiped back down to 52K, still 80,000 short of the 117K they did have. See the screen shot below. This is still developing.

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Caryn Jackson
Caryn Jackson
1 year ago

🤔Just followed them yesterday and went to check after reading this article and was unscribed. Went to scribe again and had a hard time hitting the notification bell. After about 10 attemps it finally engaged.

Caryn Jackson
Caryn Jackson
1 year ago

….. And they did it again ‼

Mike Rosati
Mike Rosati
1 year ago

Hello, FCC? RICO? Anybody? We, The People have an issue with a company that thinks it’s above the law, too big to fail,or both! Oh, its name? *TWITTER*!

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